Release Info


Thursday, 11/11 at 7:30pm CST


Our products often sell quickly. It is helpful to be signed into your account and PayPal (if using) before the release goes live. The wish list usually works great and is the main reason why products sell super fast. If for some reason you have issues with the wish list feature, sign out and back in, and see if it resets. Sometimes this feature does glitch during the craziness of the initial release.

Our estimated processing time for this release is up to 10-15 business days. We receive the majority of the orders in the first 30-60 minutes of the release. It will take 1-2 weeks of order packing for us to catch up on these initial orders. We try to pack orders as quickly as possible and always strive to get them done in 15 business days if possible. We do have to continue production as we're busy preparing for Christmas. We will be cutting our packing days a little bit shorter so that we can continue production. For this reason, we're extending the processing time a bit. 
We do our best to calculate shipping accurately. We most often ship flat rate and sometimes can fit items together in a different package than what was calculated. We will always try to pack in the smallest package size for the least expensive price. We will refund any applicable excess shipping charges once our shipping and handling fees are covered. Unfortunately, we do pay fees on shipping as well for each transaction that is processed.
Our prices are fluctuating as we encounter supply chain issues. Some of our supply costs tripled since our last release. We try not to be outrageous with our prices and have kept them as low as possible for right now. We appreciate your understanding as we ride the supply waves!
YES! We do combine orders! Please leave a note on your order if you can so we have that visual to combine. Again, we have to pay fees that are not refunded when we refund, so we'll have to make sure we cover those fees before refunding excess shipping charges.
We recommend that you choose to protect your order with Route. This service is available for a small fee but gives so much better coverage for your order than USPS offers. If you make multiple orders, please accept Route on all individual orders as Route is priced according to the order cost. We ask that Route is not purchased separately.
Feel free to put in a request for the Pack & Chat videos. We will do a drawing to pick 5-10 orders to be featured in our videos. We are getting so many requests now that I can't pack them all on video. Please add your request to the notes when you check out and we'll put your name in the hat!
I know that was a lot of info but it does cover most of the questions that we get during a release. Happy Shopping and thank you for supporting Missouri River Soap!