Release Info


To Be Announced


Time Break-Down for the US:

5:30pm Pacific

6:30pm Mountain

7:30pm Central

8:30pm Eastern


International shipping is currently suspended due to an increase in fraudulent activity. We have also seen extended transit times in excess of 4 weeks. If you are serious about ordering, please send a message via the contact form on this site. 

Be sure to set an alarm! We recommend being signed in everywhere you’ll need to be to complete your payment. The wish list feature can help with check out (provided it doesn’t glitch). Add all the products you would like to purchase and then once the products are live, click ‘Add to Cart’ from your wish list page. It should put all products right into your cart.

Keep in mind that our shop does not have cart holds. Cart holds just aren’t available on the platform that we use. That means that the products you have in your cart can be removed if the product gets that low to selling out.

We will not have any bundles to purchase all products but we do have the wish list feature. Bundles often claim stock that could have been sold individually so it’s not the greatest option.

We will not have samplers this time. I presented the option to my staff (husband and son, LOL) and they said they’d go on strike if I mentioned it again.
The only coupons available with this release is the Buy 9 Soaps and Get 1 Free. It is VERY important that you add 10 soaps to your cart and then use the code FREESOAP at check out. Adding a note in check out doesn’t work to get the discount.
We are expecting a longer than usual processing time. We have quite a lot of stock behind this release and most orders will likely come in fast and furious. We will receive the majority of our orders in the first 30 minutes. It may take us 2 weeks of packing to catch up on orders that come in just in the first 30 minutes.

MO River Soap is located in a studio above our garage. It is attached to our home but not in our home. We will not be introducing any new people via hired staff at our location. We have remained quarantined since March. We ask for your patience as we work to get your orders out to you. I am the only one that physically packs the orders.

US Shipping changes – We are not offering the one shipping rate at this time. The shipping is tiered but it still considerably lower than our actual cost once you start purchasing more. As we are not Amazon, we often can lose quite a bit of money in the shipping area because shipping costs and supplies are high. We do not have special contracts with delivery companies. We do get commercial discounts that are reflected in the price to the customer. We understand shipping prices can be scary so we try to take a little bit of that discomfort for you. :-)
Terms and Conditions – All customers will be required to agree to our terms and conditions prior to check out. We recommend that you take some time to read through those prior to the release. You can find them here:
Heat Notice – Please bring your package in as soon as it arrives. Allow to cool to a comfortable room temperature prior to opening. Please be aware that wax melts may soften and/or melt in transit. Cold process soap may sweat a bit. It’s best to separate the soaps and allow their scents to ‘demingle’ if that makes sense. For the most part, our products handle heat well and will arrive in great condition. We can’t control the temperature and humidity in transit so there is a concern still.
I know this is a lot of info but it is definitely important. Thank you for supporting MO River Soap!