Fruity Loops Scented Wax Melt Hearts - DISCONTINUED WAX

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Fruity Loops Scented Wax Melt Hearts - DISCONTINUED WAX
Fruity Loops Scented Wax Melt Hearts - DISCONTINUED WAX
We are making the switch to Soy wax with our next release. All ParaSoy wax is discontinued and discounted.


Our duo-toned rainbow scented wax melt hearts are scented in a glorious fruity ring cereal scent. You'll get three geometric hearts per set. 

Our wax blend is a blend of paraffin and soy - scented with the max amount of fragrance! Our scented wax melts are intended for home fragrance and can be melted in approved wax warmers. 

Simply choose the piece(s) to melt, place in an approved wax warmer, and melt to release fragrance. 

This listing is for one set of scented wax melts - 3 per set. The set weighs approximately 3.5-4 oz. 

Please note that scent throw may vary due to heat of warmer, room size, air flow, personal scent tolerance, etc.. Our wax melts are very hard and perform best with a plate warmer and bulb warmers. A tealight warmer may not be hot enough to allow for maximum scent distribution. Scent will begin to fade over time. We recommend using your scented wax melts within six months to one year for the best results.

Not edible/Do Not Consume - Keep Out of Eyes and Mouth - Discontinue Use If Irritation Occurs - Consult a Physician with Concerns

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