About Us


Hi there...Holly and Caleb here! Welcome to our Missouri River Soap shop!
Missouri River Soap was established in 2012 in Kansas City, Missouri. Our name comes from the fact that we lived near to the Missouri River in KC and also because the headwaters for the Missouri River is in Montana...and that's is where I'm (Holly) from! It seemed to be a fitting name. While we have since left the Kansas City area, we kept the name. The great state of Montana is calling us home and hopefully someday we'll be back home to where the great Missouri begins! Meanwhile, we'll keep crafting our luxurious products here in SW Missouri in the beautiful Ozarks! 
I (Holly) began making handcrafted soap in 2008. As the story goes for so many, we found commercial soaps to be so drying and full of icky chemicals. They are detergents after all! We had little children and lots of hand washing going on...we needed to find something less harsh to use every day.  After about a year of research, I finally suited up in my safety gear and made my first batch of soap in January of 2008. I was hooked! The rest is history. 
I take great joy in making luxurious soaps using quality ingredients. We have recently eliminated palm oil from our soaps and most of our soaps are vegan. We do occasionally use animal milks and honey but we do not use any animal fats in our soapmaking. 
We have expanded to create home fragrances and other bath and body products. We will continue to add to our line as we research and develop new products. 
Thank you for supporting our small business! When you purchase from our small business, you help to provide for our family and for that we are grateful.